The RESET project is funded under the ERASMUS+ programme which is the main education and training programme of the European Union. ERASMUS+ provides the opportunity for organisations in different Member States to work together to address important development areas in education and training provision.


Our societies are ageing. This is a fact and this is why education, guidance, training and employment opportunities must be adapted to an age-diverse workforce. Supporting older persons to remain productive members of society through continued labour force participation is essential to reduce social exclusion and help older workers escape the poverty trap that often accompanies retirement. To realise this potential the RESET project will develop several resources:

- a new bespoke, training programme for older workers to develop their skills as social researchers

- a digital competence toolkit that develops all the necessary IT skills to conduct desk and field based research and to analyse and present research findings

- a comprehensive in-service training programme for adult educators to support them in delivering the new curriculum resources

- a business development and planning framework for older persons to support them in developing their new business models

- an e-learning portal to facilitate the training of all project target groups

- a thought provoking scientific paper that outlines the benefits to be derived from the RESET project approach and that encourages policy makers to support this type of initiative to achieve greater workforce participation and enhanced social inclusion.

These outcomes will offer new tools to senior workers wishing to improve their skills and thus their employability.


RESET main objectives are:

  • - To support older persons to remain productive members of society by boosting continued labour force participation;
  • - To provide alternative employment routes and identify potential new employment areas for older workers;
  • - To assist transitions from employment to self-employment for older workers;
  • - To reduce social exclusion and avoid economical difficulties of older workers by developing skills to support workforce retention;
  • - To develop an innovative pedagogic framework for assisting work-force transition targeting older workers as they approach retirement age;
  • - To provide in-service training of adult educators to support their continuous professional development introducing them to age-appropriate teaching practices for older persons;
  • - To encourage the relevant stakeholders to collaborate with older workers in defining potential new work areas and develop appropriate business support tools;
  • - To facilitate and support trans-national cooperation between older workers and explore potential business cooperative models.