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Skill 1: Conducting desk based research

Our goal in this resource is to present you some basic information about conducting desk based research.

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Skill 2: Conducting an interview: online communication tools

This resource aims to present to you one of the most popular online communication tools that you may find useful in conducting an interview as a social researcher.

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Skill 3: Data processing and presentation

MS Excel is a product of Microsoft company. It is an electronic spreadsheet software used for storing, organising and manipulating data.

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Skill 4: Conducting a survey: online tools and social media

Google Forms is an example of a free service offered by Google that allows you to compose questionnaires and collect opinions.

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Skill 5: Project management software

Trello – an online project management software that can easily respond to the needs of online research cooperation.

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Skill 6: Teamwork tools

Google Apps is a package of diverse messaging, planning and content sharing services provided by Google. We will tell you more about few features that can be most useful in your social researching practice.

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Skill 7: Writing software

Our goal in this resource is to tell you about one of the world most widely used word processors.

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Skill 8: Time management tools

Clockify is a smart, and effective digital tool that aims to track the time that you and your team members spend on the development of your projects.

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